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Strawdogs –I’m Ready -Obscure 70s Texas Hard Rock

Strawdogs –I’m Ready/ Heartless Woman –Friendship FS-I (197? US)

Strawdogs or Straw Dogs were a local San Antonio (TX) band who are on record as being the last band appearing at the Teen Canteen  in 1977. Not much else is obvious to find, but as is often the case, these posts sometimes help to uncover the facts...

Both sides are sturdy examples of 70s US Hard Rock, caught between the garage and the bar room with a guitarist who had a fine line in greasy chops and sinuous lead breaks.As with the label which works both ways, both tracks are good so you can come at it from any angle…pass the salsa please

Hear a full version of I’m Ready

Hear a full version of Heartless Woman

Monday, September 25, 2017

The Movement -Head For The Sun

Movement -Head For The Sun/ Mr. Man -Big T BIG 112 (1968 UK issue)

This is an example of the complicated journey that can be undertaken just to get a decent copy of a single...and it took me 4 years. I first got an EX copy on Musicstack but I was very disappointed it didn't have the original centre. 
So I then bought some cheap Big T singles in order to attempt a record centre transplant without success. I then found a cheap fair copy and made do until I found a near perfect copy last week. Anyhow what a cracking single and if someone wants my 2 previous copies you are welcome to message me...

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Purepop Set Sale -September 2017 -One Week only!



First come first served! 

This set sale will be live for 1 week only (from the 3rd of September 2017)

I am updating the listings as soon as I can on the blog, with the ones in red having already been sold 

You can either email me (, leave a comment (I will not publish the comment) or message me on Facebook if you want the full list with prices


Part 1: Acetates

1)      Harlots of 42nd street- Polyethena Purebred/Shake My Blues -2 sided acetate (1973) SOLD
2)      Grudge –When Christine Comes Around (Demo version) Emidisc  acetate  (1973) SOLD
3)      Mississippi –Mr Union Railway Man –Acetate (Different version)   Fanfare (1970)
4)      Castle Farm –Hot Rod Queen/ Jewels of Fire –Emidisc (1972) Demo version with unreleased B side SOLD
5)      Bros –Red Headed Woman/Sweet Sweet Lovin’ Unreleased US acetate
6)      Unknown –Stop Messin’ Around –Unreleased -Emidisc Acetate (UK 1972) SOLD
7)      Dyaks –Gutter Kids (earlier unreleased version)/ Blow My Dreams Away (unreleased)  (1977) SOLD
8)      Job Lot of 6 acetates. These Hard Stuff/Bullet and John DuCann acetates include different  SOLD

Part 2: Sixties Freakbeat, Garage, Beat and Psych

9)      Them –Walking in The Queens Garden –Tower US Pic sleeve
10)   Honeybus –Story -Deram France 1970 EX/EX SOLD
11)   Fut- Have You Heard The Word 1970 UK Beacon SOLD
12)   Just William - I Don’t Care/ Cherrywood Green –Spark Test Pressing 
13)   Sorrows –Baby/ Teenage Letter –Piccadilly Demo EX SOLD
14)   Sorrows –You’ve Got What I Want/No No No –Piccadilly

Part 3: Proto Punk, Hard Rock, Heavy Psych and Bonehead

15)   Hog -Cop Killer/ Driving Pusing -You SOLD
16)   Twitch- Messin' With The Bull/Mr. Spunk Astro Records (Canada 1975) SOLD
17)   Purgatory –Polar Expedition/Lost War –Purgatory  (1970 US) SOLD
18)   Central Pacific –Rockin’ Detroit/Silhouette Self Release (US 1975) SOLD
19)   Buffalo -EP Suzie Sunshine/Dead Forever/Barbershop Rock/Sunrise –Vertigo Autralia (1974) SOLD
20)   Leaf Hound –Drowned My Life in Fear/It’s Gonna Be Better –Telefunken Germany  (1971) SOLD
21)   Stepson –Rule in The Book/ Lil’ Bit –Probe Japanese Pic sleeve  (1974) SOLD
22)   Balletto di Bronzo –Neve Calda –RCA Italy Pic sleeve (1970) SOLD
23)   Buster Browns- Lovin’Train/ In The Morning –Golden Voice SOLD
24)   Darkseid - Ground Zero/ Land of The Darker Sun Brooks US SOLD
25)   Primevil –Too Dead To Live/Fantasies –US
26)   AppleTree -You're Not The Only Girl /(The ballad of Pencil) -Wacks Records US SOLD
27)   Big Brother –ESP All American US
28)   Clockwork-Cybernaut/Mean Lady test pressing Canada        
29)   Columbus - Standing on The Corner Mill Records US SOLD
30)   River Styx Bike WriterJoey –Lu US
31)   Sweet Cherry - Eight Day Blues  Stop US SOLD

Part 4: Junkshop Glam, Bubblegum,  Euro Proto Punk and oddities

32)   Trevor White –Crazy Kids –Island- French Picture sleeve SOLD
33)   Boston Boppers- Did You Get What You Wanted –Penny Farthing Italian pic sleeve SOLD
34)   Bearded Lady –Rock Star –Bellaphon –German pic sleeve SOLD
35)   Angel –Good Time Fanny –Cube-Italian Picture sleeve SOLD
36)   Tub-Thumper –Kick Out The Jams –Alaska -German pic sleeve SOLD
37)   Barron Knights –Turning My Back on You- Penny Farthing Spanish pic sleeve
38)   Spiders from Mars –White, Black Man/ National Poll –Pye Spanish pic sleeve. SOLD
39)   Milk ‘n’ Cookies –Little Lost and Innocent –Island French Pic sleeve SOLD
40)   Rats –Don’t Let Go/Dragon Child –MAM SOLD
41)   Listen- Astral Boogie Parlophone Demo
42)   Jeff Britton & The Spitfires –Rub Out Decca Demo EX SOLD
43)   Iron Virgin –Rebels Rule –Deram Demo SOLD
44)   Mouse –We Can Make It/ It’s Happening to Me and You-Sovereign
45)   Rescue Co. No. 1 –Roll a Bowl-a Woman DJM Demo
46)   Ice Cream –Shout It Out-Fontana SOLD
47)   Granny –Lady/Weirdie Deirdre’s Dilema DJM Demo
48)   Farm –Fat Judy –Spark Demo
49)   Apple Pie and Custard –Doctor Fantastic Philips SOLD
50)   Arnold Corns –Man in The Middle/Moonage Daydream/Hang on To Yourself B&C SOLD
51) Casuals –The Witch/Good Times –Dawn SOLD
52)   Mick Flinn Band –Doin’ It Right/Do What You Wanna Do –EMI Demo  SOLD 

Part 5: Compilation LPs (all unplayed)

53)   Bonehead Crushers (Crunchers) Volume 2 (numbered 7/300)
54)   Bonehead Crunchers Volume 4 –Streetlight Fight
55)   Ultimate Bonehead Volume 1
56)   Ultimate Bonehead Volume 2
57)   Ultimate Bonehead Volume 3
58)   Ultimate Bonehead Volume 4
59)   Ultimate Bonehead Volume 5
60)   Greased Buckskin Belters
61)   Bonehead Freaks 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Arrows –Touch Too Much - Original Mike Chapman demo (Unreleased Acetate 1974)

Mike Chapman –A Touch Too Much/ A Touch Too Much (louder vocals) –Emidisc Acetate (1974 UK)

Here is the original demo of The Arrows’ first hit Touch Too Much ( listed here as “A” Touch Too Much) as originally presented to Alan Merrill and co. All vocals and instrumentation are handled by Mike Chapman
What strikes you, when hearing this early run through is just how focused and fully realised this tour-de-force is. Mike does a credible American for an Aussie, the blend of electrics and acoustics is splendid, while his backing vocals are more Sweet than Arrows.
Mike probably recorded this at home on a Revox 4 track, but the sound is clear and pristine. I have also heard a lofi copy of Mike’s rendition of The Arrows’ Toughen Up which is also pretty cooking, so it would be great to hear more demos of other ChinniChap classics…
Hear a full version of mix 1 of Touch Too Much

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Cosmic Evolution –Evil Woman/ Mississippi Woman

The Cosmic Evolution –Evil Woman/ Mississippi Woman –Grass Records 63-01 (1972 US)

Out of Loachapoka (current population 199) these good old Alabama freaks deliver a cracking woman themed double-sider. For sheer dumbness the B side edges it for me. Based on a Heavied up Frankie Lee Sims via Groovies Married Woman backdrop, The Cosmic Evolution convey their crotch felt ode to the next state’s talent… “Mississippi Woman –What a Love Machine, Mississippi Woman –Don't you know what I mean…” Priceless
The A side is more “organ” driven…with a more direct lineage to late 60s Heavy Psych. Evil Woman is a top draw rocker featuring a fine array of grunts and top fuzz guitar licks.

Any info on these guys?

Hear a full version of Mississippi Woman

Hear a full version of Evil Woman

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Derringer – I Luv Myself –Obscure US Hard Rock

Derringer – I Luv Myself/ Detroit Boogie –Burr Records D 1-A (US 1973?)

Another mystery combo. The only provenance I can work out was that the band was probably from Lansford PA as the Burr label as an outlet for local pastor Raymond Burr who also released the Starfyres Captain Dueseldorph / No Room For Your Love single back in 1967. These are the only two releases on the Burr label as far as I can see, but I am not sure if there is any other link with the Starfyres. I Luv Myself is a pretty good hard rock number, solid but not overly wild in its delivery. I assume the date is around 72/74 judging from the Johnny Winter-like guitar effects with a bit of Alice Cooper thrown in. The B side is lazy insofar as they didn’t seem to have been bothered adding any lyrics and it goes on (and on) for 5:42…

Hear a full version of I Luv Myself

Hear a full version of Detroit Boogie

Thursday, July 20, 2017

New World Act II - One Man's Love

New World Act II - One Man's Love/Anywhere -Har-Money DG-102 (1968 US)

Apart from Har-Money being a small Hollywood label, I couldn't find any more on this amazing heavy gem. The year is 1968 and One Man's Love is a bestial dirge featuring whips and chains accentuating the thudding beat on a tune that sounds like an S&M Blue Cheer covering Feathered Fish with a vocalist sounding like a Cro-Magnon Arthur Lee or Sean Bonniwell...Totally incredible

Hear a full version of One Man's Love

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Huge ebay listing with 55 singles from Glam to Psych to Bonehead and beyond

Summer is definitely here, so I have posted a gargantuan (well for me) list of singles running the whole gamut of all that I love.

All singles have a low start, no reserve, they're up for 10 days, most have sound clips, so you will have plenty of time to discover the ones you might not know

You can go to the listing here:

PUREPOP1UK ebay Listings HERE

I should point to,  among others, the Proto Punk ineptitude of Central Pacific, the Cowbell glory of Diehard (off Brown Acid -The Third Trip, the song Poem Bonehead collision that is the Melodiers (off Bonehead Freaks)...

As part of this sale there in a batch of rare and unusual Equals picture sleeves from across Europe

Anyhow here is the menu -have fun and enjoy the weakness of the pound...
Central Pacific - Rockin' Detroit - Crude US Proto Punk -RARE Private 1975
After Shave -WARMAKER- Bonehead Crunching Glam UK issue! 1973
Paul Ryan -Natural Gas - Hypnotic GLAM Classic- 1972
Jeff Britton Spitfires -Rub Out -BREAKS - Glam- Assault Precinct 13 – Demo
Neil Christian - She's Got The Power -Heavy Fuzz Glam Pounder – 1974
Iron Virgin - Rebels Rule - Junkshop GLAM Classic-French Pic sleeve 1974
Galahad -Rocket Summer-GLAM/PSYCH Fuzz Groover- 1973
Kansas Hook- Nervous Shakin UK FUZZ FREAK Glam 1971
Jets -YEAH! - Killer Glam Cruncher UK- 1973
Herd -Beauty Queen/ The Game -Proto Glam Groover 1969 UK issue
Smoke- My Lullaby- Creeping T. Rex UK Junkshop Glam 1974
Gene Clark – Echoes - US ORIGINAL Promo Byrds EX condition 1966
Easybeats -Good Times -Rousing FREAKBEAT Rocker 1968 UK DEMO issue
Alexander Bell - Alexander Bell Believes -Stunning UK Popsike 1967
Four Fuller Brothers -GROUPIE -Bubblegum Rocker 1969 UK issue
Bonnie St.Claire - I Surrender-Cult Soul MOD Dancer Danish issue TOP sound
Bonnie St.Claire (Bonny) -Tame Me Tiger -Top MOD Dancer 1968 German issue
Dennis Wilson and Rumbo -Sound of Free - Top UK Copy Beach Boys 1970
Laughing Gravy - Vegetables -1967 Brian Wilson SMILE!!! (Dean Torrence)
Rag Dolls -My Old Man's a Groovy Old Man -Unreleased Easybeats DEMO 1968
Status Quo – Make Me Stay a Little Longer - DUTCH Pic sleeve RARE VG+
Honeybus -Story -Sumptuous Popsike -French pic sleeve 1970
Children of The Morning -Hey Hey America Protest Psych with F word... 1973
Bilbo Baggins -Run With Devil /Sha Na Na UK pic sleeve Crunching Glam 1974
Bilbo (Baggins)- She's Gonna Win - Japanese picture sleeve- 1978
Bilbo Baggins -It's a Shame/ Please Sir -Belgian picture sleeve 1976
The Knees -Day Tripper/ Slow Down - MAN Deke Leonard & Co- Demo 1975
Kindness -Light of Love - Chris Norman/ SMOKIE - Their first single - 1970
Kindness -Make It Better - Chris Norman/ SMOKIE - Demo – 1973
Kindness -Oh Yea/ Let The Good Times - Chris Norman/SMOKIE - Stomping Glam
My Dear Watson -Have You Seen Your Saviour -Elton John - No reserve – 1970
Josuha -Jenny -Weirdo Dutch Freak GLAM 1973
Sir Lord Baltimore -Master Heartache -Heavy Stoner Hard Rock US Promo Rare
Diehard -Heartbreak - Posae RARE!!! US Proto Metal Hard Rock -Brown Acid
Hustutler -Complications - Obscure US Glam Hard Rock Cruncher
It's All Meat -You Don't Notice The Time -Rare Heavy Psych Pic sleeve 1970
Hard Meat – Rain- Heavy Psych Beatles cover 1969 UK issue
Melodiers -Thinking of You -Bonehead meets Song Poem - US FUZZ !!!!! Rare
Nightmare –Witch Woman –UK HORROR HARD ROCK GLAM
Alan Blakley -Lost Without You/Gimme Rock n Roll Great Glam 2- sider 1976
Sylvester's Jukebox - Guess It's Because -Rare UK issue -Kim Larsen- 1973
Jerry Williams -Crazy 'Bout You Baby - Heavy Bonehead Cruncher US 1971
Listen -Astral Boogie -Obscure UK Glam crossover - Demo 1973
Funky Family -Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet Stomping GLAM 1973
Frenzy- Poser - Proto Punk Glam Cruncher - 1976
Equals -I Get So Excited/ The Skies Above -German Pic sleeve
Equals -Laurel and Hardy -Belgian Pic sleeve
Equals -I Can See But You Don't know -Italian Pic sleeve
Equals -Hang Up My Rock & Roll Shoes/ She Lives for Today -German Pic sleeve
Equals -Rub a Dub Dub -Spanish Pic sleeve
Equals -Have I The Right -German Pic sleeve
Equals -Beautiful Clown - German Pic Sleeve with Promo Card
Equals -Lonely Rita/Softly Softly -Spanish Pic sleeve
Equals - I Won't Be There/Fire-Spanish Pic sleeve
Equals -Police on My Back -Belgian Pic sleeve

Monday, July 03, 2017

Sarawest –Saturday (Hot & Heavy)/ Space Rider –Canadian Heavy Freak (1974)

Sarawest –Saturday (Hot & Heavy)/ Space Rider –Vintage Records SCV 2024 (1974 Canada)

Sarawest was a Toronto band who played around clubs at the time and released this lone single distributed solely through the Record Villa record store on Yonge Street
It’s a cracking double-sider with Saturday (Hot &Heavy) being the outright rocker and Space Rider, as it title indicates, the heavy psych excursion. Both sides are full to the brim with stunning heavy freak guitar moves, transposing 1969 into 1974, which indicates they must have been a blinding live act.

Hear a full version of Saturday (Hot & Heavy)

Hear a full version of Space Rider

It seems all copies came in this Record Villa bag

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dyaks –Gutter Kids/Blow My Dreams Away (Unreleased Punk Acetate 1977)

Dyaks –Gutter Kids/Blow My Dreams Away (Unreleased Punk Acetate 1977)

It was a mystery unnamed acetate, but no longer. This is the Dyaks AKA Chris Reeves who was also behind Jabberwock who produced the majestic Proggy Glamster Sneakin’ Snaky around the same time

The earlier version of Gutter Kids presented here (probably recorded at Pathway Studios in July 77) is so much better than the released version. Here the guitar slash and crash in an updated 66 Who windmill fashion, while the song structure wins out by debuting the rousing chorus earlier than in the released version with the harmonies bringing a nice Powerpop sprinkling to proceedings
The B side, (totally unreleased) starts off in Clash mode before going nice and melodic, with an end betraying their pre-punk musicianship
The Dyaks/Jabberwock were really stuck in the middle of Year 0, unsure which bus to take, but as exemplified here;  the superior chops and melodic core they possessed were in stark contrast to other more “credible” and run-of-the mill bandwagon jumpers

Here a Full version of Gutter Kids

Hear a full version of Blow My Dreams Away

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Purepop Set Sale 1 week only

              SALE NOW CLOSED

First come first served! This set sale will be live for 1 week only (from the 12th of June 2017)

I am updating as soon as I can, you will notice the ones in red have already sold as I have sent the list to previous buyers

You can either email me (email on profile page), leave a comment or message on Facebook if you want the full list with prices


Part 1: Heavy Psych, Garage, Hard Rock and Bonehead

ArtistTitle Label Country Condition Notes Clip* Price
*Clips not from the records for sale
1. 3's (Threez) -Do You See -Tranceporter US -EX From Bonehead Crunchers Vol 1 -Classic murky deep psych  
2. AppleTree -You're Not The Only Girl /(The ballad of Pencil) -Wacks Records US EX Although the A side is not much cop, the B side is a fine gritty Hard Rock belter driven by a gleaming cowbell 
3. Benedict -Gonna Have a Good Time (Vanda & Young)Earth –US EX Rousing Hard Rock version of the Easybeats classic SOLD
4. Big Brother –ESP All American US EX Different and heavy version of the Pretty Things £sd 
5. Brethren - New Day/Heather Ruda Bega US EX Basic US Psych double sider  
6. Clockwork-Cybernaut/Mean Lady test pressing Canada EX Top growling Hard Rock  
7. Columbus - Standing on The CornerMill Records US VG+ (plays EX, pen mark on label) Great but inept Hard rock as comped on Ultimate Bonehead Vol 2  
8. Darkseid - Ground Zero/ Land of The Darker Sun Brooks US EX Cracking Heavy Psych double-sider.  Land of The Darker Sun was comped on Ultimate Bonehead Volume 4   SOLD
9. Diehard Heartbreak Posae US EX As comped on Brown Acid vol 3, a fine specimen of cowbell led Heaviness  
10. Dynamite Butch Hung Over You/ Freedom Song Dynamite Butch US EX Great Heavy Hard Rock on one side, with a greased Buckskin belter on the other  SOLD
11. Finch - Nothing in The Sun Montage US EX (minimal label damage on edge of label)Top shelf late 60s Heavy Psych. Totally wild fuzz guitar 
12. Flight -Space Creators Cavern Custom US Top Hard Rock recorded at "The Cavern", the B side is a weird Startrek tribute…stoners
13. Forum Who Needs You Solar US EX Top Texan Heavy Psych SOLD
14. Foxfire Hard Luck Mary Polaris US VG+ (slow warp not affecting play) X on labelGreat unkwnown Psych as comped on Voyages Into... Psychedelia (Vol. 2)  
15. Grump Heartbreak Hotel Magic Carpet US VG+ (plays EX) Bonehead cover The Elvis hit 
16. Hog -Cop Killer You US EX As comped on Ultimate Bonehead Vol 2, what more can be said about this shambolic piece of Biker Proto Punk…
17. Hot Lucy Kid Stuff Whale Records US EX Prime Proto Punk winner  
18. Hustutler You'll Feel Better When You Know/Complications Kendall/Lee Records US EX Screeching US Hard Rock   
19. Image -Witchcraft 71 ( Hot Blood -same label both sides) Chaparral US EX Doom Heavy Pysch instrumental madness as comped on Ultimate Bonehead Volume 4 SOLD
20. Inside Experience -Be on My Way/Tales of Brave Ulysses CEI US VG+ (plays EX) The B Side is a prime example of late Garage meets Bonehead. As comped on Ultimate Bonehead volume 5 and Brown Acid vol 3. The A side is an OK cover of the Cream tune    SOLD 
21. Jumbo- Classified Love  Swingin US EX Raucous  riffarama as comped on Ultimate Bonehead volume 5 SOLD
22. Koke Gunfighter/Popeye Markus US EX Lo-fi Psych on the A side ,whereas the B side is basically the Popeye tune which in turn goes heavy then fast and wild…bizarre    
23. Luke and The Apostles - Not Far Off/ You Make Me High True North Canada EX Not Far Off is an abosulte monster on the B side of a good, but more commercial slab of Psych 

24. New Wing -  I need Love  Pentacle Canada VG+ (plays EX) Late Garage screamer -a monster   SOLD
25. Pendulum - Bring it On Home Pendulum  US EX Heavy shambolic Hard Rock as comped on Ultimate Bonehead Volume 3  SOLD
26. Raving Maniac Driving Me Crazy Cricket US EX Great NW Hard Rock -reminds me on Kiss sans make up SOLD
27. River Styx Bike Writer Joey –Lu US EX Terrific Heavy Psych with top Sky Saxon-like vocals and continuous fuzz guitar 
28. Salem Witchcraft Witchcraft/ Mr Money Private Label US VG+ (plays EX) Overall the best 2 sider this band released  SOLD
29. Serpent- Midnight Shakedown H.B.L US EX Kick ass Hard Rock as comped on Bonehead Freaks SOLD
30. Sir Lord Baltimore –I Got A Woman/Master Heartache –Mercury US Promo EX. Classic two-sider and the pnly 45 release from their killer first LP 
31. Stone Axe - Slave of Fear/Snakebite Rampart Street Records US  EX Ex Josefus, the killer B side is comped on Bonehead Crunchers volume 1. In perfect condition  SOLD
32. Stone Men-The Superdude Party Flatbush US EX Very strange weirdo Hard Rock/Heavy Psych
33. Sweet Cherry - Eight Day Blues Stop US VG+ (plays EX) Cavernous and heavy Garage gems comped on Michigan Mixture 
34. T.M.L - Should Have Done Better Mare US VG (scratch but only light  interference)Comped on "Some songs stuck in my mind", heavy Psych with great guitar
35. The Devil Himself -The Devil Himself North American Industries US EX Strange Heavy Psych screamer from 1974, Hard rock with clavinet? Yep…
36. The What The Devil's Game Mite US EX Top shelf Heavy Satanic Rock as comped on Ultimate Bonehead vol 4 

37. Truth - Being Bad Honest US VG+ (Label signed by the whole band!) Totally Heavy Freak monster as comped on Michigan Meltdown Volume 2 
38. Truth & Janey -Under My Thumb/Midnight Horseman Sound Communications US VG+ (minor click on first few revolutions of B side) The B side is a great heavy thumper from this famed power trio released in 1972. Nice cover of Under My Thumb similar to Pentagram 
39. Truth (Truth and Janey) Around and Around/Straight eight Pontiac Driving Wheel US Confusingly this is the 2nd Truth and Janey single covering the Chuck Berry nugget  
40. Twitch- Messin' With The Bull/Mr. Spunk Astro Records Canada EX Original copy of the 1975 single re-released recently by Supreme Echo. So rare…
41. Wizard Kozmick Dream Stardust US EX Kozmick Dream is a driving mix of late Psych and Hard Rock. Heavy Freak basically  SOLD 

Part 2: Sixties Freakbeat, Beat and Psych

1. Alexander Bell - Alexander Bell Believes CBS UK EX From 1967. Totally underated but brilliant piece of UK popsike

2. Easybeats- Good Times UA Demo UK VG+ The Classic Vanda & Young penned floor filler. Nice in its UK demo format  £
3. Four Fuller Brothers - Groupie MCA UK EX Great lewd Bubblegum Groover "to others you are nothing but a groupie, but to me you will always be groovy…" in rare pristine UK edition

4. My Dear Watson- Have You Seen Your Saviour  DJM UK EX Close to my heart for their cover of The Shame Just Drained, this single is way more collectable as it features a certain Reginald Dwight 

5. Rupert's People - Prologue to a Magic World/Dream on My Mind Columbia Demo UK VG 
(hear full sound clips taken from the record) Featuring the Freakbeat Killer Dream On My Mind   SOLD

Part 3: Junkshop Glam, Bubblegum,  Proto Punk, Powerpop and oddities

1. Andy Bown – Supersonic GM UK EX (small sticker on label) Glam TV masterpiece…  SOLD
2. Arrows- I Love Rock 'N' Roll/Broken Down Heart RAK UK EX (sample sticker on A side) Something no one should do without….   SOLD
3. Equals - Diversion President NL EX/EX Lovely Dutch  pic sleeve on this rampant and raUcous cruncher  SOLD
4. Buster Superstar Bradleys UK EX Top UK Crunching Glam    SOLD
5. Johnny Palermo Silly Old Songs Hans Belgium EX/EX Infectious second Proto Punk single from Johnny. Melodic and powerful SOLD
6. Kindness - Light of Love RCA UK EX A pre Smokie affair featuring Chris Norman and pals  
7. Listen- Astral Boogie Parlophone Demo UK EX Interesting  female fronted near Glam tune featuring some weird brass honking…
8. Smoke - My Lullaby/Looking High Decca   UK EX  This is very similar to Sugar Man and none the worst for that   
9. Sylvester’s Jukebox -Juke Box/ Guess It's Because CBS UK EX Kim Larsen's Gasolin offshoot. Very rare especially in its UK issue. The A side is a cool instrumental while Guess It's Because is a wonderful Kinks impersonation  
10. Tales- Rockin' Suzanna MAM UK EX Great Rolling Stones cop!  SOLD
11. Tracey Dean  -Moonshiner/Boy On The Ball Decca Demo UK EX (Number on Label) Top Glam double-sider stompers by Giorgio Moroder and Peter Bellotte. UK issues are harder to locate than ther European counterparts SOLD

Monday, June 05, 2017

Heavy Gun –High Class Woman

Heavy Gun –High Class Woman/You’re on My Mind –Golden Voice 834G 12715 (US 1970)

 Heavy by name, Heavy by nature, Heavy Gun’s sole single is a real sludge-fest of a dirge further emphasised by its murky mix. However it is rather splendid in its lo-fi obscurity with all the ingredients of a Heavy Bonehead classic including cowbell, fuzzed-downer guitar and dumbed down vocals. Out of Illinois, this is one of the hardest singles to find on the Golden Voice label, and may be a duff pressing as there is quite a lot of surface noise when the copy of the record itself is pretty much unmarked. Anyone else got a copy? 

 Hear a full version of High Class Woman

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Bitter Sweet Orange –Aimless Lady - Heavy Psych Monster

Bitter Sweet Orange –Aimless Lady/I Could Love You –Pacific West 4683 (1970 US)

From Springdale Arkansas comes this Heavy Fuzz double-sided Bone Crunching release that ticks all the boxes in terms of primal Neanderthal thudding with the vocalist Ken Wade mastering a snotty growly  delivery across the 2 sides. Aimless Lady is NOT the Grand Funk tune, but a lesson in how to not stray away from a groove once it’s been launched. The B side is slightly more aimless but with some killer guitar and caveman-like vocals. The recording took place at John’s Recording Studio in Russellville, it seems the studio is still in business, but looking at the Google Maps satellite pic, it appears to be a large barn with some of the roof missing!

Hear a full version of Aimless Lady

Hear a full version of I Could Love You

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hot Rocks –All Night Long/ Down on 42nd Street –Unreleased Proto Punk/Glam acetate

Hot Rocks –All Night Long/ Down on 42nd Street –Unreleased Proto Punk/Glam acetate

Here is a long awaited update to the post I featured 9 years ago, it also gives me an opportunity to make the sound files of this amazing Proto Punk gem available once again 
What is new is that we now have a name for the band as Hot Rocks was a real entity even supporting Savoy Brown at the time. The singer was Valerie Hunter - ex 'Pepsi Girl', and model who moved to London along with guitarist John Christian (Ex Shady Lady), Bass player John (Insect) Weir (ex Curtis Knight and T2), and drummer Graham (The Kid) Waxman. No information who played the rockin’ piano though. See the promo scan for more information on the band with a big thanks to Bob Stannard for getting in touch and for providing these scans

Here is the original review, as vital now as it was then…

Here are full versions of two wild slabs of Proto Punk Glam just oozing ATTITUDE. All Night Long was initially recorded by LA Glamsters Shady Lady and the original recording of All Night Long can be heard here: along with other tracks from their album that was unreleased at the time.
The track was written by singer Stefen Shady with guitarist John Christian. John left the band in 1973 and went to London where these two tracks were recorded in 73/74. The sassy vocals are handled by John’s wife Valerie. Both tracks are equally as good and are great examples of NY Dolls sleaze (with a bit of Quatro thrown in) and would have fitted in well with the burgeoning NY Punk scene, but definitely 3 years too early for the UK…

Hear a full version of All Night Long

Hear a full version of Down on 42nd Street

Hot Rocks press scans © B.Stannard 2016

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Artist – Every Lady Does It

Artist –For The First Time/ Every Lady Does It –Peppermint Presents PP1132 (1977 US)

Every Lady Does It is a hard and meaty Midwestern cruncher. It’s a real though performance balancing quite tuneful lead parts with a metronomic Cowbell and driving drums that keep proceedings focused on the ultimate crunching ride. The vocals are also spot on and never venture into any dodgy histrionics. The A side is more of a grower as it’s less instantly startling, but the feel and tasteful musicianship makes it a worthwhile detour to take with an unexpected vocal delivery and surprising chord changes

Recorded at Peppermint Studios (Youngstown OH), Artist were probably local however calling the band “Artist” makes Googling rather pointless. Anyone know any more about this one?

Hear a full version of Every Lady Does It

Hear a full version of For The First Time

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Purepop Set Sale

                           SALE  IS NOW CLOSED


I am selling the following 45s as a set sale on a first come first served basis.

The sale is up for 1 week only (until 9th of May)

I am updating as soon as I can, you will notice the ones in red have already sold as I sent the list early this morning to previous buyers

You can either email me (email on profile page), leave a comment or message on Facebook if you want the full list with prices


Part 1: Sixties Freakbeat, Beat and Psych

The Accent –Red Sky at Night/ Wind of Change –Decca UK VG+ 
Fantastic meaty UK Psych classic. The A side is fine and plays EX, however the B side has a mark that can be heard half way through the side, so I would grade the B side as VG-  SOLD

Angel Pavement –Baby You’ve Gotta Stay/Green Mello Hill –Fontana UK EX 
Their first of 2 singles. The B side features their best moment, the delightful popsike of Green Mello Hill SOLD

The Answers –It’s Just a Fear/You’ve Gotta Believe Me –Columbia UK G  
Terrific Freakbeat monster by Tony Hill and associates. Now the single has some issues, vinyl has marks and there is a small edge lift. However, audio-wise the A side plays VG+, the B side is noisier and plays VG-. The condition is reflected in the price, but the A side plays great  SOLD
Brincos –Nobody Wants You Now/The Train –Page One UK EX 
Perfect seemingly unplayed copy of the Spaniards’ best moment, stands with the best of all that Rubbles/Circus Days stuff…what a production! SOLD
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky Mick and Tich –Frustration/ Hard to Love You –Fontana Dutch VG+/VG+ (small name of cover) 
Holland seems to be the only place where their most raucous track (Frustration) came out on a single. Both sides play EX SOLD
The Game - It’s Shocking What They Call Me/Help Me Mummy’s Gone –Parlophone UK Demo VG+ 
Killer Freakbeat double sider. A few lights marks and some low level crackle. Audio is somewhere between VG and VG+. Initials on B side label.SOLD
Grapefruit –Sha Sha/Universal Party –Deram –Germany EX/VG+ 
By this time Grapefruit was but a name, however both sides of this release were recorded by George Alexander, George Young and Harry Vanda no less. Great under-valued single!
Laughing Gravy –Vegetables/Same –White Whale –US VG+ 
Dean Torrance’s  (Jan and Dean) contemporary Smile recreation. Dean got to hear the unfinished track during the Smile sessions and with the project being shelved saw the opportunity of being the first to release Smile material.
My Dear Watson –The Shame Just Drained/Elusive Face –Parlophone NL VG+ 
The first and only version of Vanda and Young’s masterpiece released when the  Easybeats  Good Times album got shelved. Although relegated to the B side, it’s another testament to the genius of Vanda & Young who produced both sides of the single. Plays EX, slight rubbing on B side label. SOLD
Rag Dolls –My Old Man’s a Groovy Old Man/They Didn’t Believe Me –Columbia UK Demo EX (small number on label) 
Another outlet to release a great Vanda and Young gem that was poised to appear on the  Easybeats’ unreleased Good Times LP
Shadows of Knight –My Fire Department Needs a Fireman/Taurus-Hansa Germany  EX/G 
German issue of the Knight’s monster. Record is fine, but the sleeve has seen better days…SOLD

Part 2: Junkshop Glam, Bubblegum,  Proto Punk, Powerpop and oddities

Airship –Get Out, Take Your Mother With You/Gimme a Can of Spray Paint Decca Demo EX 
Great demo copy of this frenetic Punk Boot Boy Cruncher. It has recently been reissued, but this is the original issue SOLD
American Jam Band –American Jam/Nature’s Child –Parlophone UK Demo 
Pristine copy of the phased Junkshop Cruncher SOLD
Antilope –Down on Your Feet/Goodbye –BASF NL EX/VG+ 
Cracking Crunching NederGlam double-sider not to be missed SOLD
Bitch –Good Time Coming/At The Party WB Germany –EX/VG+ 
The original version of Good Time Coming from the NZ band who made the trip to London hoping to make it. Great track, great performance. Not too sure why the German cover features a pig though…SOLD
Buggies –Julie July/ Allright She Said –Philips –NL EX/EX 
Produced by the great Peter Koelewijn (Bonnie St Claire etc…), Julie July is a great popsike tune, somewhere between The Hollies and Smyle. The B side is more raucous SOLD
Children – Movin’ On/Montana –BASF –DK EX/EX 
Not their best single, but 2 sprightly uptempo pop ditties from the Danish Teen/Glam sensations SOLD
Children of The Morning –Hey America, America/Children of The Morning –Hansa Germany EX/EX £10
Why in 1973 would an Italian based Brit write about the Kent State Campus killing from 3 years previous? Sound-wise you could think of a protest infused John Kongos with Donovan tendencies over the mother of all slapping Gunshot beats. Great Pic sleeve.
Tracey Dean –Moonshiner/Boy On The Ball –Decca Demo UK  EX (Number on Label) 
Top Glam double-sider stompers by Giorgio Moroder and Peter Bellotte. UK issues are harder to locate than ther European counterparts

Eddie Kidd –Motorbike Kid/Big Jump Decca UK Demo EX
The A side is a 50s pastiche, however the B side is a crunching semi-instrumenal with hand claps and a driving beat punctuated  by shouts of “Big Jump”. The same B side is on Leave It To The Kid…SOLD
Eddie Kidd - Leave it To The Kid/Big Jump 1978 UK Decca Demo EX 
Leave It To The Kid is a bone-crunching-13-double-decker-hopping-semi -smash-stomper by the UK’s own Evel Knievel: Eddie Kidd. Of the Decca singles I have, this is by far the greatest as it’s a truly rousing performance featuring Eddie’s unmistakable vocal range along with a great driving string section. SOLD
Fluff –Sunny Honey Girl/Walking Alone –DJM Belgium issue  VG+/VG+ 
Infectious UK uptempo Bubblegum. As was sometimes the case in Belgium, the pic sleeve is just one-sided SOLD
Funky Family-Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet/Allright –Vogue –French EX/EX 
It’s hard to beat a blonde in hot pants clutching a sub-machine gun especially when within you have a stomping Male sung cover of the Bonnie St. Claire classic
Funny Dog –One, Two, Three/Momo’s in Two –CBS Promo cover EX/VG+ Germany
Fun BubbleGlam from Mr Chirpy Cheep Cheep himself (Lally Stott), the B side is more chugging in approach
Ricky Gordon- Get Around 1974 Belgium Vogue EX/EX 
A strange one. Moving from Mud/Elvis turns to Beach Boys/Four Seasons style with an ever present distorted guitar, this one certainly doesn't know what it is…Weird
Hammersmith Gorillas –You Really Got Me/Leavin’ Home –Penny Farthing –German EX/EX 
Near perfect copy of this great cruncher from Jesse housed in the coveted Man in Gorilla suit cover. The sleeve has a tiny date neatly written on the top of one side of the cover (both sides have the same picture) SOLD
Hogback 'n' Pig If You Can't Be Good…Be Bad/Good Old Rock n’Roll UK CBS EX               
Not quite Glam, not quite Hard Rock, not quite Pop, but it's catchy, all good …no bad
Josuha –Jenny –Magic Carpet CNR NL VG+ (2 inaudible scratches on side 1) /VG+ 
Now, here’s a real treat. Jenny starts off in the mode of the sleeve at a trot but then the riff kicks in and the track turns into a fab Bubblegum/Rock tune with lyrics playing around with old chestnut (mare?) double-entendres about “going for a ride”...It’s all great fun and a top tune. Magic Carpet is nice n’ heavy and here they sing about the magical tripped out properties of cheap plonk.
Libido  Hold on To Your Fire/Weren't Born A Man Mooncrest  UK VG+  (name on label) 
Like a lush Badfinger song, the track then builds into subtly orchestrated track with some fine lead guitar. The vocals by Dana Gillespie are gorgeous conveying both sweetness and sass SOLD
Mo-i-Rana –So My Daddy Says/Alone Polydor –DK EX/EX 
Great copy of this Danish Crunching Glam scorcher SOLD
Mo-i-Rana –You Really Got Me /Since You Been Gone Polydor –DK EX/VG+ 
Great Take on the Kinks’ hit. Heavy and rocking SOLD
Pony- It’s Gonna Be So Easy/ ‘Til I Met You –Pye UK Demo EX 
Only released with a B side in the UK, this is all that come out from these US Powerpop pathfinders. An unreleased album remains in the vaults. Archive copy SOLD
Randy and The U Turns - 99 Octane Girl/Roll On Roll Off  UK UA EX/VG+ 
Not KBD as has  been listed elsewhere, but a fine Pub Rock/Punk crossover with harmonies recorded down in Rockfield. Demo in picture sleeve SOLD
Rescue Co. No. 1 - It's Only Words/Look Out 1973 JAM Demo UK EX (Sticker on B side) 
Demo copy of this great Garage meets Glam cruncher. SOLD
Rescue Co. No. 1 - I Want to Save You/Amanda JAM Demo  UK VG+         
Brilliant Move sound alike from the Rescue SOLD
Rescue Co. No. 1 – Life’s Too Short/Then I Think About You –RAK UK VG+
Another quality single from Rescue Co. No. 1. This one showcases their knack in delivering infectious Pop. Small tear on B side label

Rubber Band - Moonwalker/Wichita 1973 UK Youngblood Demo EX 
Overlooked Glam cruncher, it’s surely going to break through sooner rather than later. Total KILLER! Why is this one still under the radar? Check out the Youtube clip! SOLD
Paul and Barry Ryan –Won’t You Join Me/ Glad to Know You Polydor France EX/EX 
Glad To Know You is a totally fab piece of Psych-Bubblegum-Glam. Hidden on the B side of the full blown heart string-puller Won’t You Join Me, it’s another choice example of the brothers aptitude of coming up trumps on the B side. The song twists and turns, the orchestration is understated, the guitars have real oomph, and production touches like the vocals through the leslie cabinet make this an imaginative yet totally accessible winner. SOLD

Skid –I Saw her Standing There/Endless Sleep –Hansa –Germany EX/EX 
Perfect condition on this sought after Proto Punk double-sider housed in the smart German picture sleeve featuring the mystery group SOLD
Skyband –Bang! Ooh! Ya Got Me/Cold Light of Day –RCA UK EX (Stamper on label) 
Underated Gem with mixes Junkshop Glam drive with neat pop overtones, not to mention silly head gear…(See their LP cover!) SOLD
Smoke - My Lullaby/Looking High 1974 UK Decca EX         
Super rare late (1974) Glam release by The Smoke. This is very similar to Sugar Man and none the worst for that.
Smoke – Sugar Man/ That’s What I Want –BASF –Germany VG/VG 
Cracking early 70s effort by The Smoke, that brings my Friend Jack right into a Glam setting. The B side is also marvelous. Not a perfect copy, but looks and plays fine SOLD
Sparks Girl From Germany/ Beaver O'Lindy Bearsville Germany EX/EX       
Lovely German picture sleeve on this great early Sparks classic
Stephen - Right on Running Man/ Epitath Antic UK VG+   
Mutt Lange in cracking Glam stomper shocker! SOLD
True Adventure Where The Roxy Used to Be/ Outlaw Love 1974 UK Decca       
Unplayed demo. The B side is an outright Glam Cruncher, while the A side is a glorious piece of emotive 70s nostalgia SOLD
Walkers – Strip Tease/ This Boy This Girl –Philips DK EX/EX 
One of the best Walkers single as both sides fully deliver in the Junkshop department SOLD
Whistle –When The Lights Go Out on Broadway/Lincoln Lullabies –York  Demo UK EX 
Hard to find second single by Whistle (The Party Must Be Over). It’s hard Glam and shares many similarities with their previous single but includes production flourishes straight out of the Bob Ezrin’s bag of tricks. Demo copy housed in York Company sleeve. SOLD

Part 3: Heavy Psych, Hard Rock and Bonehead
Blackbirds 2000 –Preludium/Let’s Do It Together Cornet German EX/EX  
As featured on Bonehead Crunchers Volume 4, Germany’s BlackBirds 2000 deliver one of the stupidest but heaviest examples of Neanderthal crunch known to man on Let’s Do It Together. (number sticker on sleeve and label) SOLD
Duffy- Running Away/The Joker- Chapter One UK  Demo EX £      
Demo copy in pristine condition of this great  UK Hard Rock double sider SOLD
Hard Meat –Rain/Burning Up Years –Island UK VG+          
Great heavy cover of the Beatles track. I know I said great already but it is really very good!
It’s All Meat – You Don’t Notice The Time You Waste/ If Only –Columbia Canada EX/EX
Perfect copy of the pic sleeve and record of this heavy Canadian Psych Groover
Gorgon Medusa – Sweet Child/Situation –Apocalypse –US EX 
As featured on Numero’s Warfaring Strangers comp a few years back. Gorgon Medusa’s private release features two Heavy Psych mixing guitar driven heavy rock with more languid psych explorations. SOLD
Jeremy B - Come on Little Pretty/ I Wanna Be Loved By You Bacillus Germany EX/EX      
Rare and obscure Kraut rocker of the highest calibre
Kansas Hook- Nervous Shakin/ Mr Universe     UK Decca VG+      
Double whammy of top UK Hard Rock belters by the American Jam Band guys!
Mushroom - This is It/Cosmic DanceUS Vulcan EX     
Great obscure near Bonehead Hard Rock/Psych       SOLD
New Lords –We Go Out In The Sunshine/Country Fever –Columbia –German EX/EX
The A side is a fine uptempo Bubblegum Pop number, but it’s the B side where the action is at. Country Fever is no country outing, but a great example of Loud and raucous 70s Heaviness SOLD
Ray Owen’s Moon –Hey Sweety/Free Man –Polydor UK VG+
Absolute killer 2 –sider by Juicy Luicy singer. A side is a bit crackly and audio grades VG, B side plays EX. Writing on A side label. Hence low price
Sensory System –Red Man/Winter’s Over Now –EMI DK EX/EX 
Killer Danish Bonehead Cruncher –Really heavy stuff…SOLD
Sunchariot - Rosemarie/Do you Want to know (1972 UK Decca Demo EX £

Great UK tough hard rocker on the B side of this super condition UK Demo. The A side is chugging UK Pop,more  like Christie with balls SOLD